A U.S. District Court Judge issued a preliminary injunction against enforcing a Milwaukee county ordinance requiring a permit before implementing certain AR location-based games. As we previously reported, Candy Lab AR, makers of the augmented reality poker game Texas Rope ‘Em, sued Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, over an ordinance that states: “Permits shall be required before any company may introduce a location-based augmented reality game into the Parks…”

In the Court’s ruling, it found: Plaintiff has a reasonable likelihood of success on the merits; Plaintiff will suffer irreparable harm if Defendants are permitted to enforce the ordinance; Plaintiff has no adequate remedy at law; greater injury will be inflicted upon Plaintiff by the denial of injunctive relief than will be inflicted upon Defendants by the granting of such relief; and the issuance of injunctive relief will not disserve the public interest.

This order is not a final decision on the merits, but bodes well for Candy Lab and AR companies. Stay tuned for updates.