I will leave the discourse on the necessary role an end user license agreement (“EULA”) plays in the game environment for another day.[1] Instead this entry takes a quick dip into the challenges to enforcing a EULA for a game with global player base and offers a few quick suggestions for catering your EULA to address some of these pitfalls.Continue Reading Global Games. Global EULA?

In a traditional online game, users are required to abide by the Terms of Use (“TOU”). Companies, cognizant of the fact that not everyone will comply with the TOU, implement various enforcement measures such as automated filters, user-driven complaint systems, or a more involved in-game monitoring system utilizing Game Masters. As the popularity of user-generated content (“UGC”) and user-customization has increased, ensuring TOU compliance has become increasingly costly and labor-intensive. Additionally, by granting users the ability to import copyrighted materials such as facial depictions, art, literary works, or music, the inclusion of UGC in online games potentially raises Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) compliance issues.
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